Weekend trip for families with children

  • duration: 2 days
  • places: Donja Kupčina, Jamnica Pisarovinska, Bratina

Step away from your hectic daily routine and devote a little more time to your loved ones and yourself. In the tranquility of the wooded hills and the murmuring stream of the Kupa River, find your peace of mind in praying and spending time with your children. The Pisarovina region really has interesting entertaining, sacred and educational content for children.

Start your exploration of this area with a visit to the parish church of St. Martin the Bishop built by the Knights Templar. Pray for your intentions and the intentions of your family at one of the side altars located in the parish church. Learn about when and how the church was erected, and bring the history of this parish to your children. At the same time, you can also attend the Holy Mass at the parish church.

After visiting the parish church in Jamnica Pisarovinska, we also recommend you visit the wooden chapel of the Holy Spirit in the nearby village of Lučelnica. The chapel is surrounded by forest greenery on a beautiful hill.

To taste the traditional specialties of this area, visit local restaurants. If you need accommodation, check out the offer of holiday homes located in this area.

Discover the priceless cultural and historical heritage of this region at Donja Kupčina Native Museum. Take a walk through traditional wooden houses to discover how people used to live in family cooperatives. One part of the history is preserved in the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene in Donja Kupčina, which was on the front line during the Homeland War.

After a visit to the Native museum and parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, take the opportunity for a picnic and recreation at the Beach picnic area in the warm months. On the way home from Pisarovina, stop at Eco-park Krašograd which has playgrounds and a small zoo with farm animals (horses, deer, sheep…).

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