Chapel of St. Vitus, Jamničko Podgorje

The chapel of Saint Vitus is located on a hill above the settlement Pisarovina surrounded by forest greenery and peace.

This stone chapel was built at the turn of the 18th to 19th century. On the facade of the chapel is a niche with painted representations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, and partially preserved medallions with depictions of the evangelists.

During the Homeland War the chapel was badly damaged and was rebuilt in 2013. Inside the chapel is the preserved part of the main altar from 1726, while the lateral rococo altars of St. Stephen and St. Anthony are being restored.

Prayer to St. Vitus

St. Vitus, glorious martyr of Christ; in your youth you were exposed to violent and dangerous temptations, but in the fear of God and for the love of Jesus, you victoriously overcame them.

O amiable, holy youth, I implore you, by the love of Jesus, to assist me with your powerful intercession to overcome the temptations to evil, to avoid every occasion of sin, and to preserve spotless the robe of innocence and sanctifying grace. I pray to bring it unstained to the judgment-seat of Jesus Christ, that I may forever enjoy the beatific vision of God, which is promised to the pure of heart. Amen.