Traditional Christmas decorations

The house was decorated with handmade ornaments, the most famous of which were roses and other crepe paper flowers. These handmade flowers were covered with pines, or pine branches, because of the cramped space in which the families lived, there was no room for the whole tree.

Along with the flowers mentioned, an unavoidable Christmas decoration is a plaster bird hung in front of the pine. Some women made chandeliers of grain and various seeds and then placed it above the holiday table. In some families, they also placed an apple above the table. The apple loop was tied to a thread that was attached to a small wooden wheel attached to the ceiling beam and the other part of the thread was tied to the door. If the door was closed, then the apple would hang in the air, and as the door opened, the apple would drop to the table.

For the Nativity scene, women also made sheep of clay or dough, which they would then wrap in a little cotton wool. For the legs of the sheep, they would place four used matches. These handmade sheep were then laid in a crib next to the image of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.