Titanic 100 Memorial House

There were 2207 passengers and crew on board of the Titanic, a British overseas ship that sank in the Atlantic ocean in fatal 1912, including 30 expatriates from Croatia. Of these 30 from Croatia, only 3 survived, and one of the passengers was Stjepan Turčin from the village of Bratina near Pisarovina.

To commemorate these travelers, the Titanic 100 has opened a memorial house displaying documents, pictures and items related to the Titanic. The objects are exhibited in a wooden house that is made in a traditional way typical for the area, and a small bow with the Titanic sign is placed in front of the house. Around the memorial house is the linden tree alley and Brezje forest, dedicated to expatriates from Croatia, as well as the friendship lake and the memorial to Carpathia. Carpathia is the ship that has rescued 712 passengers from the Titanic, and among them there were 84 crew members from Croatia.