Excursion area - Promenade “Beach”

Along the course of the Kupa river in Lijevo Sredičko there is the famous Pisarovina promenade and the excursion area called Beach (Plaža). Along the river Kupa there is a macadam path that can be reached by car or bicycle that leads to the excursion area.

An excursion site with a beautiful meadow for picnic and outdoor entertainment, is situated along the murmuring stream of the Kupa river and surrounded by beautiful greenery and birds chirping. In the summer months, this picnic area and promenade becomes the most popular beach (where the name of the promenade originates), where locals seek escape from the summer heat in the refreshing Kupa river. In some places the entrance to the river is adapted for the youngest.

During the rest of the year, the picnic area and promenade Beach is an ideal place for outdoor sports. Fresh air, unspoiled nature and forest greenery make it a perfect sport for relaxation and refreshment.