Donja Kupčina - village of the storks

The village of Donja Kupčina, situated in the Pisarovina plain, with rich fields and meadows near the Kupa River, is also known as the village of the storks. In these areas, white storks spend most of their lives near people on farms and farmland.

By the number of stork nests, Donja Kupčina is one of the leading places in Croatia. Driving along the main road through the village, one can easily see the numerous nests that storks built on high columns. On one property in Gornje Selo there are even three stork nests.

White storks mostly choose wet meadows and arable land that is cultivated in the traditional way because it is in these habitats that they find plenty of food for themselves. Therefore, their presence in Donja Kupčina is a kind of confirmation of the clean environment in these areas.