Discover the natural beauty of the local countryside and its rich religious heritage, rejuvenate your soul and step away from the everyday grind. Near the capital city of Zagreb, there are picturesque hills of the Pisarovina region, where the winding stream of the river Kupa is passing. Take a journey in which you will discover the history of traditional wooden chapels hidden among the rolling hillsides and find your inner peace.

Religious heritage

In between the curving flow of the river Kupa hidden by the picturesque hills, the beauty of nature and the birdsong, lies the parish church of St. Martin the bishop at Jamnica Pisarovinska, parish church of St. Mary Magdalene at Donja Kupčina, as well as numerous churches and chapels built in the traditional style.

Experience Pisarovina

Take a step back from the daily grind and rest your soul in peace and prayer, surrounded by the chirping of the birds and untouched nature. Plan your visit to Pisarovina, located only 30 km away from Zagreb, and explore the religious heritage of this area.

Customs and legends

Would you like to know how Pisarovina got its name? Do you know what are local Christmas customs at Kupinec or how did the locals design the Nativity scene? Learn about the customs and local heritage during your visit to the Native Museum of Donja Kupčina to experience how people once lived at family cooperatives.

Plan your visit to Pisarovina

Next to the capital city of Zagreb and major highways lies the Pisarovina countryside with its beautiful nature and rich religious heritage. Check out some suggestions for single day or multi day tours around this picturesque countryside.

2 days

Wedding in Pisarovina

More days

Pilgrimage to the forest hills

One day

Following the path of the martyrs

More days

Trip for families with children

1 day

Mini pilgrimage by bike

More days

Christmas in Pisarovina

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Visit Pisarovina

Discover the history of the area at the museum of Donja Kupčin and enjoy the walks along the curving flow of river Kupa. Experience the warmth of houses and wooden homes, the smell and the taste of freshly baked local bread and cheese together with the hospitality of the local people.